Keep Up With Your Vehicle’s Maintenance

Keep Up With Your Vehicle’s Maintenance

Call an auto body shop in Brookfield, CT today

On-Site Bumper Repair is more than an auto collision shop. We also offer a variety of mechanic services in Brookfield, CT. You can depend on us for:

  • Brake repairs
  • Brake pad replacements
  • Auto suspension repairs
  • Oil changes
  • Radiator repairs or replacement

We also offer diagnostics to check up on the status of your car and verify that it’s running efficiently. Reach out to On-Site Bumper Repair today to schedule your oil change or brake repairs in Brookfield, CT.

3 signs your ride needs brake repairs

It can be unsettling when your brakes start acting strange on the road. You don’t want to put off scheduling brake repairs or brake pad replacements. You may need brake repairs if:

  1. You hear squealing or grinding noises when you press on the brakes.
  2. Your car vibrates when you step on the brake pedal.
  3. Your car pulls to the side when you hit the brakes.
  4. If you notice any of these red flags, call On-Site Bumper Repair for brake repairs in Brookfield, CT.